We have recently delivered our CURVE Bench for Re:Centre, a unique space for creativity and wellness along the river Thames in Hammersmith. Our client’s brief for Re:Centre was to create a space for the community.

The vision for this space was to create one large circle of seating. We wanted the seating to embrace people in the space, to create a sense of togetherness in a place conducive to rest, to contemplate…let the thoughts wonder.
— Nina Moeller

The key to our new bench seating design is flexibility, the seating can be set up to suit the various types of events to be held at this venue.  The design of the CURVE Bench itself was developed over a serious of prototypes, always bearing the circle - loop - band  theme in mind. 

CURVE Bench - Re:Centre

Re:Centre opened last month (soft launch) and it will be fully opening soon.

This current model of the CURVE Bench is purely for indoor purposes. However, we are now taking this design further, so that it can be used for the outdoors.


Credit: Photography by Marcus Peel.